Wooden groyne on the Norfolk Coast in winter

A BIt About Me and this Website

I started my career in photography back in the early 1990s when by pure chance I was sent on a photography course. In the following years I became a professional photographer. Today, I enjoy photographing landscapes and seascapes. I also photograph what I see as I travel around. Sometimes I will concentrate on black and white photographs and at other time portraiture. Norfolk has so much to offer photographers and I want to take full advantage of that.

I have used lots of cameras and even more lenses. But the fact remains, I did not need it, I just wanted it. You photograph what you photograph, no matter what camera you have. What is behind the camera is far more important than the camera and lens in front. As of today, the 15th January 2021, I am using one small camera and two prime lenses at 35 and 50 focal lengths.

I will be adding more images over time. This website started on the 3rd September 2020. Over the coming months I will be adding many more images.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Page last updated 15th January 2021.